Dear Stupid Party, Get With The Technology Already

I saw this very interesting story via Instapundit.

The most effective email subject line of the 2012 US presidential campaign began with one word: Hey. That’s the finding of the massive Obama campaign operation known as “The Cave.” That and many other startling findings are detailed in a report on how the Obama campaign went about re-electing a president who boasted a record of failure and divisiveness.

I downloaded the report.


It really is amazing that they used that much statistical analysis to really do a lot of damage to Romney. And obviously it worked.

I only hope that there is someone, anyone in the republican party that also read this report and will do something to counter the tech advantage that the dems have built.

Gotta say, that report is fearsome in what the other side did. If the republicans don’t do something and do it yesterday, it’s going to be like MIT kids playing chess with pre-schoolers come the next election.

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